Jennifer Jones has no greater joy than that of being a mother, wife and daughter. jb and me is just the icing on the cake!

jb and me, llc is a woman-owned and operated children’s store in Louisville, KY that was started 15 years ago as a stay-at-home business. After selling hand painted children’s items to local boutiques and seeing the success others had with the selling of these items, jb and me was opened as a store front in 1991. Since the doors first opened, jb and me has experienced a great rate of growth. After outgrowing the original 600 square foot store, a move was made to 1200, then 2100 and now the final move to floor space of 6400 square feet with an additional 3200 square feet of office and storage space. jb and me is now located at 2400 lime kiln lane in Louisville, KY.

The focus of jb and me has also shifted throughout the years. Once a store laden only with hand-painted items personally produced, jb and me began to carry other children’s items such as toys, gifts and manufactured clothing. This must have been the right mix for the store as sales began to take off. After attempts at a few other ideas, jb and me has settled into a nice niche of a children’s clothing, toy and gift store.

In addition to the retail side of jb and me there is also The Party Porch, a children’s birthday party venue that offers glamour, magic and science parties on Saturdays. The Party Porch has become a stand alone entity with its popularity. The parties scheduled are either staffed by jb and me employees, magicians or Mad Science of KY. With the ability to host up to 25 guests per party, each weekend is continually booked.

Jennifer Jones did not do all of this alone. Huge amounts of praise and gratitude must go to her family, friends and trusted employees. From the onset of a dream, many have helped this dream become reality. With determination, lots of hard work and more than a bit of sweat, jb and me is now the single largest locally owned and operated combined children’s clothing, toy and gift store in Louisville, Kentucky.

*jb and me offers the following product lines and continues to add to this list weekly.

*please email us with any questions about ANY product line as not everything can be shown on our website!